• Ignite
  • Passion
  • all
  • over
  • the
  • world.

Our Vision

Igniting “Passion” All Over the World

We treasure the “passion” and unique ideas generated by individuals
and aim to continuously develop “small economies”
by delivering those values throughout the world.

Message from the President

I believe that “communicative” activities such as increasing the number of passionate fans, spreading experiences and value through word of mouth, and creating products and services together with fans serve as the fundamental building blocks for a company’s sustainable growth.

Satoshi Ueda, President and Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Agile Media Network Inc.
Toranomon 33 Mori Bldg. (Reception: 1F), 3-8-21 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0001
Phone / Fax
+81-3-6435-7130 / +81-3-6435-7131
JPY 366,926,000 (as of December 31, 2018)
Satoshi Ueda, President and CEO
Chikara Ishido, Vice-President and CFO
Shigeru Yoshida, Outside Director
Takamitsu Honjo, Full-time Corporate Auditor
Jun’ichiro Tanaka, Corporate Auditor
Hideya Sakurai, Corporate Auditor
February 13, 2007
Business Description
1. Online advertising delivery agency
2. Internet-based informational services
3. Internet-related system development
4. Internet-related seminars and events
5. Publishing
6. Any business incidental or related to the above
Stock Section
TSE Mothers 
Agile Media Network Taiwan Inc.
Crea-Japan Inc.

Service Lineup

Agile Media Network (AMN) offers the following services in Japan and other Asian regions.

In addition to marketing support in the Japanese market,
AMN’s broad-based support extends to support the entry of
exceptional Japanese products to Asian markets.