Conversational Marketing Company

Agile Media Network (AMN) operates an ad-network by connecting and supporting the most influential "Alpha" (="A-list") bloggers and promising social media services for the Japanese market. We aim to materialize the emerging, meaningful relationships between companies and their customers through the so-called "conversational marketing" on the Net.

For this objective, AMN innovate and provide brand-new solutions as well as the conventional advertisement products to stimulate the conversations among publishers/service providers, their users/individual publishers ("pro-sumers") and the companies.

With transparency and trust as the core value in our minds, We strive to contribute to the empowerment of individual/small group publishers and to the further enrichment of Japanese cyberspace by helping companies build deeper relationships with their customers.

Planning Solution

We provide the opportunities for companies and prosumers to know each other in various forms -- not only at online but also at the real, face-to-face events and seminars. Also we design and implement marketing and PR schemes for clients that could maximize the ROI by taking advantage of the expected "word of mouth" effects.

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